Installing Geany on Windows

Geany is a super simple, open source and lightweight IDE for C and C++. It is especially great for beginners and has adequate code editing capabilities. This post details how to install Geany on Windows. Step 1: Install Geany (Version 1.29 as of this writing) Click on the relevant button on the Download PageĀ under the … Continue reading Installing Geany on Windows


Blinking a Simple LED using Arduino Uno

Blinking an LED using an Arduino is quite simple. Make the following connections and connect the Arduino to the computer via the USB cable: These connections result in the following equivalent schematic: Now open the Arduino IDE, and write the following code: int ledPin=8; void setup() { pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH); delay(250); digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW); … Continue reading Blinking a Simple LED using Arduino Uno

Starting with C for Arduino (and revisiting C)

So, I am learning C now. I actually do know some C previously, but I am actually learning C for the Arduino from an excellent book - C Programming for Arduino. To be honest, I was a little confused about whether to start from "The ANSI C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie" (2nd Edition) … Continue reading Starting with C for Arduino (and revisiting C)