Been a while

It has been quite some time since I last posted on my blog. Well, honestly, I have been really busy these past couple of months. I moved to a new city and there have been a lot of new different things I have been trying out - both personally and professionally. It has been all … Continue reading Been a while


A Small improvement, A Big reason

I have always had a special inclination towards Linux. Privacy, Security, Simplicity (GUI) and Power (Shell). It has its issues but it has its strengths as well. However, sometimes you find that in a software, when that one thing that makes or breaks your workflow is absent, you find yourself unable to continue using it. … Continue reading A Small improvement, A Big reason

Myths of Genius Debunked While Tim raises some very good points (that I really started thinking about), I vehemently disagree when he says that Eureka moments do not really exist. The Eureka moment comes first (from somewhere, anywhere) and then while executing it, thousands of problems are solved. Brains of geniuses work more effectively and faster than that … Continue reading Myths of Genius Debunked

C++ Tutorial Recommendation: thenewboston C++ Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

I thoroughly enjoyed this tutorial. From the small length of videos to the funny demeanor of the teacher - Bucky Roberts - it was a great experience. He (mostly) does a great job on teaching even to absolute beginners on programming. The series consists of 73 videos, each of 6 - 10 minutes of length, … Continue reading C++ Tutorial Recommendation: thenewboston C++ Tutorial for Absolute Beginners