Myths of Genius Debunked While Tim raises some very good points (that I really started thinking about), I vehemently disagree when he says that Eureka moments do not really exist. The Eureka moment comes first (from somewhere, anywhere) and then while executing it, thousands of problems are solved. Brains of geniuses work more effectively and faster than that … Continue reading Myths of Genius Debunked


Why No One might notice Time Travellers or Travel through time.

Time Travel - It is one of those things that is most likely not possible but most wish it was. Back To The Future, The Flash, Rick and Morty - Science Fiction is chock full of Time Travel and it's a wondrous and equally dangerous thought. Often Time Travellers are shown in popular fiction to … Continue reading Why No One might notice Time Travellers or Travel through time.

Is Language a Limitation?

"How do you think?" It's a simple question. But the answer, so far, is quite complicated. There's millions of neurons firing simultaneously in our brain and a sizeable part of that power being utilised for thought. It is, in retrospect, quite fascinating and mysterious that this seemingly random and definitely extremely complicated interaction between neurons … Continue reading Is Language a Limitation?

It’s not easy to unlearn something learnt What I really found interesting in this video is how difficult it is to unlearn something that you have learnt so firmly and then relearn it. Just imagine the neural shock that intellectuals go through when a discovery that has totally overcome their path of understanding something is made. Like the Theory of Relativity … Continue reading It’s not easy to unlearn something learnt