Move to Windows (10)

I have been known among my friends and even some close family members to be a vocal Linux supporter. While I understand that for certain applications, Linux, as of now, is not a good choice, I think that for most consumers, it is a safer and better option than Windows. I maintain that position.

However, so many businesses depend on Windows that there is nothing exactly similar to Windows. Many commercial applications do not on run on other operating systems and Windows, due to its widespread popularity, remains the target platform of choice for most developers. I will very shortly join a company in Bangalore which will deal exclusively in Windows based development – completely Microsoft technologies. And for that reason, I will have to switch to Windows.

I was able to tolerate the driver issues and weird problems when running Linux on my laptop. I was quite happy and acquainted with Linux despite all of its minor idiosyncrasies. However, now I will have to leave the moral perspective of the operating system I use, and gravitate towards a more practical perspective. I will have to switch to Windows. For a long time, I even tried running Visual Studio inside a virtual machine for code compiling. But, after the initial phases of learning C# and .NET were over, the limited RAM allotted to the machine caught up and I had to decide to switch to a native solution.

I am still a learner of Linux and I do have a Xubuntu 16.04 VM set up inside Windows. But, it seems that on my main machine, the host OS,  I have to migrate to Windows for good. My livelihood will start to depend on it. I have ambitions of delving into embedded electronics and robotics in the future which will definite involve Linux in a big way. But, from now on, my main work (and simultaneously personal) machine has to be Windows.

I know you probably do not care about Windows or Linux. But it has been a matter of ideals for me and it seems that finally I will have to come in line with the requirements of the real world. Personally I think that I should divert my focus to more important issues and responsibilities in life.

P.S.: Even on Windows, I still try to use as many open source applications as possible – LibreOffice, SumatraPDF, Octave, Virtualbox, Notepad++, Codeblocks and so on.

P.P.S.: Written while sleepy and not checked for errors.


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