Installing Geany on Windows

Geany is a super simple, open source and lightweight IDE for C and C++. It is especially great for beginners and has adequate code editing capabilities.

This post details how to install Geany on Windows.

Step 1: Install Geany (Version 1.29 as of this writing)

Click on the relevant button on the Download Page under the Windows Binaries section (titled ‘geany-1.29_setup.exe‘ as of this writing).

Let the Download complete and install it (just keep clicking Next 😛 )


Step 2: Install the C++ Compiler

The C++ compiler we will install is GCC C++ compiler (invoked by the command g++) . Click this link. It will redirect to a SourceForge page and let the download complete.

Start installation. Click on Next and finally on Continue.

After installation, go to Start Menu, and click on MinGW Installation Manager. (Assuming here that you kept the default installation settings).

In the Basic Setup page, check mark mingw32-base and mingw32-gcc-g++. Then click on the Installation menu (top left) and click on ‘Apply Changes’.

A new dialog box will open up to confirm the download and installation. Click on ‘Apply’. The download and installation will complete.


Step 3: Setting up the C++ Compiler

Assuming MinGW tools were installed in the default location C:\MinGW.

Open Environment Variables (Open up the Start Menu, right click on Computer, click on Properties,  click on Advanced System Settings, and finally click on Environment Variables).

In the upper menu (titled User variables for <name of the current user>), double click on Path. In the Edit User Variables dialog box, at the Variable Value section, enter C:\MinGW\bin; after the semi-colon. Click OK, OK and OK.


Done! Now you can easily use one of the simplest C++ IDEs – Geany.


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