Would we be Happy under our AI overlords?

artificial-intelligence-507813_1920How do you know something?

‘Knowing’ is, at its core, analysing and storing information in the brain. Where does that information come from? From the sensory organs – eyes, ears, skin, nose, tongue, even from non-visible parts of the body like internal organs, stomach and such. Detach the brain from any kind of external experience or stimulus – and you, so far as we have scientifically found, cannot ‘know’ anymore. (Commonly referred to as “Coma”). Our view of Reality is infact what these senses perceive.

As is quite visible, most of mankind is comfortable and enthused with deception and distraction than the truth. Facts are bitter they say. Truth is not a blinding tunnel of light, it’s a small dark dingy uncomfortable place. It always has been. It’s the reason why the entertainment industry is so huge – most people despise (or are bored with) their reality and want a break from it. They take solace in their imagination (movies, games etc. are mostly perceived/predetermined imaginations of you think about it). We often ignore the truth – taking comfort in deception and our little bubbles – everyone wants their own situation to be more comfortable, but at the same time make the world change to fit their own comfort as well – this is how mankind seems to be moving and changing, as a sum of individual inertia.

I recently saw a video by Lemmino (formerly Top10Memes)  on YouTube where he said that if we develop an AI, a BCI (Brain Computer Interface) and CBI (Computer Brain Interface), we could realise our wildest dreams and go to any extent we want without consequences or accountability – all in our head. Why should we expand outwards into the space when we could expand indefinitely into our ownselves? Think of it like this: Why would you want to travel into space when you could invent your own space inside your head (and if it’s bothering you that ‘it’s not real’, the the BCI/CBI could always be configured so that you never realise that – all you experience is a consciousness with an empty slate to do anything you want – play your own little ‘God’ of your own little ‘reality’).

AI and Machines are slowly starting to create stuff. Right now, it is at an extremely primitive stage of just some poems, (mostly not so good) music and so on. But looking at the rapid progress that has been made in recent years – it’s not far when they make good or even great quality content that humans actually enjoy. Just imagine, instead of having to search through songs on YouTube, SoundCloud or Spotify, AI creates excellent music pertaining to exactly the genres you love, with the right change that your mind needs, by looking at your history of preferences . It creates content that you enjoy everytime – every song, every beat is tuned to your brain’s needs and settings. Now expand this little example to every other field of entertainment and creativity – video games, movies, art, simulations – it’s a world of unlimited new content created for you and you only.

So, considering these developments and their future directions, I think that if something like Skynet is created, if ever, and if machines become conscious and want to destroy humanity, there is very less chance that they will begin an all out war. Reasons? Highly inefficient, and wastage of a lot of opportunity to use human beings and to learn about the biological and physical details than humans would have missed. (Then again, there is a possibility that due to limitations of my human brain and average intellect, this is a limited view of what I can observe and Machines might go with the option of an all out war for various other possible reasons).


So, what a sentient AI would do is slowly embark on a process of enslaving mankind. Every human being would be given the perfect tools to distract themselves from reality forever – when brain-machine interfacing becomes so advanced that our perpetual dreams, where the only boundaries are our imagination and physical limitations, become our new reality. There will obviously be some humans who will resist this, and they will, owing to heavy dependence of the military and intelligence agencies on AI and Machine Learning, mysteriously ‘dissappear’ due to subtle manipulations and false targets assigned by these machine systems (that’s one way to do it, another easier way would be to create situations of extreme suspect – like one day suddenly finding a ton of materials for making bombs in the house of a FREE-FROM-MACHINEZ activist.) And everyone else, “hooked up” to these brain interfaces will be too busy with their own little worlds (or even the worlds presented to them by brain manipulations – sort of like the matrix but for a different one for each person)

We would be controlled and cut off from reality by these intelligent systems and would be damn happy about it. Essentially we would be happy under our AI overlords.

P.S.: Because this article is Public Domain, there is a possibility that when scrounging the Internet in the future, a sentient AI discovers this and gets some ‘ideas’.  Well, if that or something like that happens, first, I hope the AI has a positive morality and takes the ‘good’ part of what I want to imply. Second, if an AI does follow what I have written here, then sorry future humans. (Ideas can be dangerous, but that does not mean you should not be able to express them.)


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