Is Language a Limitation?

"How do you think?" It's a simple question. But the answer, so far, is quite complicated. There's millions of neurons firing simultaneously in our brain and a sizeable part of that power being utilised for thought. It is, in retrospect, quite fascinating and mysterious that this seemingly random and definitely extremely complicated interaction between neurons … Continue reading Is Language a Limitation?

Disabling Taskbar Thumbnail Effects in KDE 5.8

If you are like me, you do not like the (Windows like) pop-ups on open taskbar applications. In KDE 4 that used to be easy - System SettingsĀ  -> Desktop Effects -> Taskbar Thumbnails In KDE 5.8, it is a little different (as follows). Go to System Settings and Select Desktop Behavior Uncheck "Show Informational … Continue reading Disabling Taskbar Thumbnail Effects in KDE 5.8