It’s not easy to unlearn something learnt

What I really found interesting in this video is how difficult it is to unlearn something that you have learnt so firmly and then relearn it. Just imagine the neural shock that intellectuals go through when a discovery that has totally overcome their path of understanding something is made. Like the Theory of Relativity for example – if Planck had not seen that paper, I am sure, people would not have put a lot of emphasis on it and it would have been lost in an abyss of papers – because it seriously challenged the then understanding of physics and the world.

This also shows why it is difficult to change a set of preconceived notions in a person’s brain. I think in that scenario, to get maximum results, instead of hammering down on the old train of thought (or even neural network), it is better to try and create a new path of understanding and thought. This little piece of insight can be applied almost anywhere in life.

This is a good reason why when we learn something, it is important that we learn it properly and correctly, and not put in false facts or arbitrary information. This is why verifying something is very important – something which has also become apparent in the way misinformation about so many things is spread on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp – and its real world effects.


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