Dystopia: The Path to Utopia

I remember once talking with my friends on a night out to dinner, that I have imagined in great detail how to achieve my vision of a Utopia (using my limited brain which can comprehend to a limited degree, ofcourse) and then finally how I realized that even though there is all this madness, violence and crime, its better if we all shape it together with each of our own visions of Utopia – its best the way it is, without a single person with absolute power.

Human beings are a flexible species – they cannot be chained for long. Because rebellion, and thinking different are characteristics that are inside us. This is why a single Utopia is not possible in reality (maybe in a simulation) because when we understand what it takes to build and sustain one, it easily becomes a dystopia. Utopia is inspired by an ideal of static and comfort – where the person (whose Utopia we are talking about) is the only one the world is centered around. However, such a world cannot exist – because it becomes close to a dystopia for everyone else. Because change is the only constant.

I thought about this concept once, and I think Utopia and Dystopia can be seen as the 2 infinites on a number line – the Utopia being +‏∞ and the Dystopia being -∞. They are ideals that are unattainable. They both share similar properties, just differ in their interpretation. What is utopia for one might be or lead to dystopia for another. Sure, we might reach very close, but we never will. Infact, we might end up destroying humanity in the process.

It is much better to walk together towards a shared goal, even if it is difficult and involves compromises, instead of binging on one person/group’s vision of idealism.


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