A Case against Empathy

Interesting point of view. I especially liked a comment on this video (in the comments section) that said empathy is good in a personal space but not at an institutional or national level. I do not completely belive empathy should be totally avoided – after all it is a popular tool used by people to understand social interactions and leaders to influence people to drive social change. It helps to prevent our rational compasses from simply ignoring suffering. Plus, often institutional and personal feelings and judgements coincide – which means empathy, even if allowed only on a personal level – will eventually factor into institutional decisions. However, I think that it should not be given a very high priority (just factored in) while making very big decisions that affect swathes of the society. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is easier said than done since, as far as I have observed, human beings are more emotional beings than rational – and downplaying something as prominent as empathy while doing something as important as making complex institutional decisions is a difficult personal battle.


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