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The past 30 days have been tough. I lost an old best friend, I lost many opportunities, I mistook many steps, I overestimated myself and underestimated challenges, and ended up being a little more sadder and desperate than I was.

But, I guess in everyone’s life, such periods come and go. Nothing lasts, everything changes. I guess my period of turmoil is yet to go, but I live in hope for a better me, all of us and a better tomorrow.

2016 has been especially shitty for me and, according to many social networking sites, the world as well. There has been a general sense of bad fortune in 2016 and there are people who have been literally posting that they cannot wait for it to go away. Well, I guess it has been dark for the world in general – according to the internet (which is, ofcourse, debatable).

But, my main point is that after quite a long hiatus, I am ready to post again on my blog. I noticed that it has been quite deserted for a long time. Moreover, the title of my blog has also changed from linuxode to electrogeek95. Why? Because recently I realized that I am more inclined towards studying, doing and experimenting with Electrical Engineering rather than Linux. I am not a linux nut now – as I was previously. So, I thought I should take a more fitting approach towards life. But, make no mistake, I still much prefer Linux over Windows – its just that my life’s priorities have changed dramatically as I have gained some new perspective over my real desires during the past few dark days.

TL;DR: Its been a long difficult time, but now I am back to blogging.


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