Blinking a Simple LED using Arduino Uno

Blinking an LED using an Arduino is quite simple. Make the following connections and connect the Arduino to the computer via the USB cable: These connections result in the following equivalent schematic: Now open the Arduino IDE, and write the following code: int ledPin=8; void setup() { pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH); delay(250); digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW); … Continue reading Blinking a Simple LED using Arduino Uno


It’s not easy to unlearn something learnt What I really found interesting in this video is how difficult it is to unlearn something that you have learnt so firmly and then relearn it. Just imagine the neural shock that intellectuals go through when a discovery that has totally overcome their path of understanding something is made. Like the Theory of Relativity … Continue reading It’s not easy to unlearn something learnt

Vacuum Decay – An Efficient Way of Destroying the (Observable) Universe

A note to be kept in mind: there is a lot that we don't know about subatomic and quantum level physics. The below video is based on a theory - an unproved/not-properly-proven speculation. Just recently did we confirm the existence of the Higgs-Boson. [So much knowledge is just waiting to be discovered. Feels good man.] … Continue reading Vacuum Decay – An Efficient Way of Destroying the (Observable) Universe

What “Orwellian” really means

Quite an enlightening video. As a privacy advocate watching the political situations in the world and mindless and thoughtless consumption on social media, it is important to know the underlying idea of the word Orwellian when using it somewhere. Also, if you have not read 1984, go read it. It is pretty amazing and will … Continue reading What “Orwellian” really means

Dystopia: The Path to Utopia I remember once talking with my friends on a night out to dinner, that I have imagined in great detail how to achieve my vision of a Utopia (using my limited brain which can comprehend to a limited degree, ofcourse) and then finally how I realized that even though there is all this madness, … Continue reading Dystopia: The Path to Utopia