Linux: Trial by Fire

I have been learning Linux since the last few weeks. By learning, I mean, delving seriously with books and into the command line, making notes and the like. It has been an interesting experience and I have really learnt a lot of new stuff.

Now I have decided to take it to the next level – run on a full command line mode for my primary usage of the Linux laptop.

I actually have 2 laptops – one main (very old but relatively powerful) Linux laptop and another little (highly under-powered) hybrid Windows 10 device. I use the main Linux laptop for programming, interfacing with embedded boards, learning Linux related stuff and the sort and the hybrid laptop for reading books (as a tablet), documents, online stuff and the like. It is very productive and serves the right mix of purpose – ( special thanks to Dad for buying the new hybrid laptop).

Back to the point. I have been learning Linux, slowly and steadily, for quite some time and have become fairly confident in some of the command line basics. So, today, I decided to take it to the next level – run it in a keyboard only, full TTY mode while avoiding graphical interface as much as possible. Since the exams got over just 2 days ago, and I was sitting idle, I even opened up the laptop and disabled the touchpad (removed the connection) for a little extra (Actually I opened up the laptop to clean off the dust, but then decided “What the heck”).

Of course, it has not even been 6 hours since I did that, so I cannot really tell about my experience, but so far it has not been so bad.

Going full command line was actually quite simple, to be honest. Change the GRUB file a bit, make the font size and style a little bearable, and it was done. Of course, I have i3 installed as well (which I have customized just a little bit) which I startup when needed using startx i3

So far, I have used the GUI only once – to run MATLAB and Virtualbox (for Windows). It worked quite smoothly, as expected.

You might ask: Why?

Well, first of all: just for fun. Hey, the exams got over 2 days ago – I can’t have a little fun?

Second: To minimize load on my graphics card. My main laptop is quite old and has an AMD Raedon HD 5470 Graphics card –  whose open source drivers absolutely suck as compared to their Windows counterpart. The card runs hot almost all the time and there are not even any cooling problems in the laptop. It runs at 60-65 degrees while running Lubuntu! So, I was searching for a way to minimize the load on the GPU to the bare minimum – and came upon this idea.

(Before you ask: I tried setting power modes and similar stuff for the card but for some reason it always showed errors. Eventually I gave up.)

Third: It looks cool. B)

Anyways, that’s that. Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe – nah! who am I kidding. This ain’t YouTube and I ain’t desperate.

Stay productive and have a nice day.


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