I-m-possible Goals

Today I am kind of making an official announcement.

I have made a hefty goal list for a year from today.

No, I am not going to talk about what I will do. That stuff is private. 🙂

I am talking about what I am going to read.

As you might (or might not) know – I am an Electrical Engineer – that too in the final year. And that means I should have done some serious technical reading and study in the past, right?

Well, that is debatable.

However, I feel like I could have done so much more during the past 3 years – read so much more material, become a better Electrical Engineer. And since the past month or so, that feeling has been continuously harassing me.

So, yesterday I took a decision.

I am going to read. A lot. I mean A LOT.

I have made a ToDo list just for books with different books in different time periods – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. So, if I continue down this path, by the same time next year, I will have read through a shit ton of books.

Atleast that is the plan.

And I am not a fan of fictional books. I enjoy reading technical pieces. So my list entirely comprises of technical books – albeit of quite a range of subjects. I am planning to read books related to Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Internet of Things, Linux, Programming, Embedded Design, Open Hardware Development, and Robotics. Trust me – the list is huge. Maybe impossible. That too in a tight stretch of a time (for such a huge list).

But I am going to do it anyways.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I am planning to devote almost everyday to write about what I read in the day so that it serves as somewhat of a record, a synopsis my reading achievements and also a memory reminder. Since I make (and add) most of my notes on Evernote, hopefully, there will also be a link to my notes in the posts. (Fear not loyal reader, there will be posts about other stuff as well. I am not going full academia-mode. Matter of fact, that is the problem – I can’t)

For now, I will not be able to read and add posts because I have got my midterms in a couple of days and I already feel quite under-prepared for it.

But right after the midterms end, I have set myself a reminder to get on with my reading aspirations. Using the amazing and super-powerful Tasks App of course.

Wish me luck.


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