The Prostitute

Just read a beautiful little story in the 9Gag Comments section. Credits to mirodiq.


(All Content has been copied exactly with no modifications whatsoever)

I once hired a prostitute/escort call it as you want. She was around 23yo. Do you know what i did to her? When she came at the door i took her jacket. I invited her in. Offered her a cup of tee. After that I told her to undress. i gave her a blanket and showed her where the shower room is. She entered the shower room. Inside there was a bath full with warm water and bubbles, Everything smelled like roses. There was candles everywhere. She was surprised i could see that on her face. She got in the water. I washed her back, made her a shoulder massage, washed her hair, added hair conditioner, brushed her hair. I asked her to tell me about her, she did. (Sorry not gonna write her story). She wasn’t uncomfortable anymore . And then we herd the little *Ding* sound. I told her that the dinner is ready. And when she is ready the cloths i prepared for her are in the bedroom. I vent to the kitchen. The diner I have cooked was lasagna carbonara. Then she showed at the door. She was beautiful.
She was wearing a red dress. When she came to my place 1h ago, she was beautiful but she was with makeup. Now she was gorgeous without it, and the dress was making her to look like someones dream. I served for both of us, there was wine, we dinnered. Talked while we have eating. After that we went to the living room. I started some classic music. She thought that this is the time that we will make sex. She made the 1st move. She kissed me tried to seduce me. But i got away from her and asked her not to push that much. She got confused. I placed here in the sofa. Made her a feet massage. i even polished her nails with the same color the dress was. I offered her more tee with some cake. After that i turned off some of the lights so it could be more dark but there still was a light in the room. i hugged her and told her a little bedtime story. In the middle of the story she fall asleep.
Next morning she woke up from the sweet smell that was all around the house. She came to the kitchen i was making pancakes. i placed the pancakes and the maple syrup on the table and we had a nice breakfast. At the end of the breakfast i gave her the money for the whole night. She looked at them and asked “Why? We didn’t have sex.” .. /You need them more then I do, u wouldn’t have worked this if u didn’t really needed them/ .. “Why you did all of those thing for me?” .. /Everybody needs at least 1 magical moment in his life, I hope that was one of them./ .. Then she broked sited on the chair and started crying. i hugged her and promised her that everything will be alright. After some time she stopped crying, looked at me, smiled, and said “Thank you”. i gave her my phone number and told her that if she needs anything she can always call me. After that i pulled out my wedding ring and put it back on my finger and I said .. / i hope my wife ain’t gonna find out about my cheating.
Shed looked at me and laughed “You call that cheating?” We laughed. i walked her to the door, reminded her that if she needs anything i will always be there for her. And she wend home…
Days have passed … One day the police called me. Told me that they have to talk to me. They came to my home, took me with them and brought me, at 1st i thought it was the police, to the place they wanted me to be. We walked into a cold and dark room with little doors on the walls, i didn’t understand why they brought me in a freezer, then it came to me, we was at the morgue. I was afraid. On the table in the middle of the room there was a black bag with something in it, or someone. They opened the bag … it was her….. For 1st time in my life i was shocked, paralyzed, i couldn’t talk, answer, react, i did nothing … i was standing and looking at her … she was dead. The policeman asked me if i know her. I said i do. Asked for the name. I said Violet. How do i know her. I lied to them.
They told me that she was a prostitute. I already knew that. They told me that witness have said that she was killed by her client, the day before. They have found me cuz i was the only contact in her phone named “My only friend” When i heard that i broked.
Her name was not Violet (ofcourse) it was Michele. i knew both of them, but she had a 3rd name. From that dress she was wearing and the nails i colored i was jokingly calling her Red, and she didn’t mind.
She was my little Red. And she was dead.
My wife never find out. Maybe some day i will tell her, maybe not.
From that day i remember the promise i couldn’t made to her “Everything will be alright”

Final Note by the original author: Sorry for the long story, that what i wanted to say is. There will be people that will hate you for what you are. And people who will support you. Every saint have a pass and every sinner have a future. Don’t forget that. And OP be careful out there


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