1 Week No Food: Day 5 middle – I passed out, got to eat


So, today I literally became unconscious. I wa feeling dizzy and uneasy since the entire morning, but after classes, when I came back to my room, I fell down unconscious. No, it was not sleep – because I almost fell to the ground and just somehow dragged myself to the bed.

Infact, I am writing this just after waking up after I got a little strength. I passed out for about an hour- even now I feel dizzy – so understand my situation.

I did a quick Google search, talked to my family doctor – and they all say the same – I need to break my fast. My body is unable to handle it.

So, well, I could not complete the fast. I have got to eat. Infact, right after this entry I am going to eat a little lunch.

Its sad – I really wanted to complete the fast. But, well, some other day, when the body is more prepared. This was definitely an enlightening and beautiful experience – until I fell down, ofcourse. 😛

But the benefits were enormous, I lost 2 and a half kilos in 5 days. Damn. That is quite an achievement. Not to mention, I feel super-focussed, concentrated and agile. My body feels lighter and streamlined. Facial fat and hip fat has reduced (for you, it might be from other areas of the body). I will definitely reduce my food intake from now on and focus more on yoga, meditation and exercising.

All in all, I am dissapointed that I could not complete my goal – but the benefits I have received so far are extraordinary. I definitely recommend you to try it out. If not anything, its fun. And yes, don’t make my mistake of not preparing adequately before the fast – start with only half a day fast for a week and then proceed to full day fast for a week -that is what my doctor told me.

Concluding day 5 – I had to break my fast due to health problems, but it was, all in all, an amazing and totally worthwhile experience – definitely give it a try taking necessary precautions and advice.


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