1 Week No Food: Day 3 Results

Alright, do Day 3 has ended and the hunger pangs are starting to grow.

I actually thought that the opposite would happen – that the hunger pangs would be the greatest on the first few days and would then later subside. That is what happened with many of the YouTube guys whose videos I saw. But in my case the opposite seems to be happening.

Actually yesterday was quite a busy day and I have been moving around a bit. So, that could be a big part of the reason. But then that being said, it is kind of strange that I am feeling hungrier now than before – I thought my body would adjust.

Maybe all that body fat is reaching its expiration date. 😛

Apart from this, I have almost constant bad breath. I basically brushed 4 times yesterday, but still some of my closest friends said, I was smelly. Looks like the digestive system is still adjusting.

Everything else is quite fine and normal. I feel more active, focussed, and concentrated on things. My thinking has cleared up a little bit, and things are going pretty well.

Summarising Day 3: Increased hunger pangs, smelly breath, everything else normal.


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