1 Week, No Food: Day 2 Results

Day 2 has passed without anything more than a scratch.

But yes, there was a scratch.

Occassionally I felt hungry – but nothing a gulp of water could not erase. Infact, hunger was not my biggest problem at all.

It was the urge to eat.

Before today I never realised that i had somewhat become addicted to food. I was so desperate for the crunchy munchy taste of food in my mouth, that I literally found my mouth watering just at the thought of it. And I was not even consciously aware of it. Hunger pangs came and went, but this sensation to just leave the challenge and eat something was very very prominent – disturbingly prominent. I don’t think I would have been able to control myself if it was accompanied by long and heavy phases of hunger. Luckily, since my bodily activities are at a minimum, that did not happen, I somehow managed to control myself.

And right now, I am at a much better mental position to control my urge to eat even if it comes with a big hunger pang. As I write, my tongue has developed a whitish layer, my stomach is growling and just the very thought of food while writing this entry is making my tongue develop saliva. But, of course, all this does not matter to me.

I feel much more lighter, better, focussed and agile than before. I am also finding myself to be much more serious in general- because I am a guy who laughs and skips around a lot. But right now, I don’t feel like talking unnecessarily, doing unneccesary things and wasting time. My interactions with other people have changed dramatically – laughing and smiling has reduced, and focus on work seems to have invreased manifold. The benefits are rather visible.

However, there is one negative aspect as well. I am sleeping justĀ too much. I think it is some sort of automatic natural compensation for the lack of food in my body. To give a perspective of how much I am sleeping, consider this – yesterday I slept for 14 hours. And generally, under normal conditions, I feel dizzy and strange after such a long bout of sleep. But today, it feels absolutely normal -as if I just woke up from a normal 5 or 6 hour sleep. It is strange. It looks like I need to meditate more so as to compensate the extra requirements of rest by my body.

Concluding, I survived day 2. And it was not that bad. Let’s see what day 3 brings to the table.


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