Weeklong No Food Challenge

Note: Posted today but written yesterday – could not post it today because the internet went down for some reason.

Right now listening to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. Beautiful song.

That being said, I have long been plagued by the thought that I should be eating less, and have even tried it, with almost no success. The funny thing is that my regular diet is actually less than normal. Its funny to see skinny people like my good friend Sumit, look puzzlingly at me when I am eating much lesser quantities than them and then ask ” Why are you eating so much?”. So much for sarcasm, eh?

Anyways, recently I had a showerthought – “Why not try eating nothing at all?” I mean, that must not be as bad as it sounds, right? So, right after the shower the first thing I do was clean off my body, wear some clothes and go to YouTube – because there definitely must be people who must have tried this earlier. And sure enough – there are, with varying degrees of effects. Mostly I did that to confirm that it will not kill me or cause any super serious damage to my organs – a little stress on my organs is fine, cause I just entered 20. So, yeah, it seems pretty possible.

I think I will give it a try. Maybe, I will even enjoy it. Maybe it will be gruesome. But I will never know unless I try. So, here goes my formal announcement to start a weeklong no food only water challenge. I will see how it goes. Also, since I do not really exercise much and mostly read, do stuff on my computer and go to class, so my daily activities will not be really reduced. I will be writing an entry, with hopefully a video everyday to tell about my experience for that day and so far.

By the way, since I will be depriving myself of food from tomorrow, I did the most obvious thing today – I gorged on 2 BIG packets of Lays (Tomato Tango and American Onion), 2 Baulis, 2 Tropicana Guavas, 1 Vadilal(or was it some other company?) Choco Coffee cone ice-cream, 2 Nissin Italiano Cup Noodles and ofcourse 1 big bar of Cadbury Silk. That’s a big bachelor party for a small wedding.

Oh, and I am not gonna tell how much I weigh, or what is my height or any of that stuff – just that I am fat but not obese. This is sort of a blind experiment. Also, I am gonna drink water and brush my teeth daily and everything else will run happen just normally – only that I will not eat anything…ANYTHING!

Its kind of a one week fast.

Anyways, let’s see how it goes.


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