A new start

I had actually created a previous blog using WordPress and Blogger just a couple of days ago and had even put content in them. And before that, using Medium. I spent a lot of time designing them, but in the end, I was never really satisfied. Then I decided, well, to hell with it. I think it is time for a new start and do things with commitment and properly this time. Moreover, I was also searching for Latex integration with my blog – I tried doing a lot of that with Blogger, and in the end I even succeeded, but then a little search told me that WordPress supports that by default! Silly me.

So, I created yet another blog and deleted my previous blogs. And this time, I spent time planning every meticulous detail -starting from the name to the design, to basically what content I will put in it. This one is going to stay around for a long time – and is going to take a lot of my time as well.

Well, so its a new start. I am hoping to write my thoughts, study notes, learning experiences and other things in this blog in the days to come.


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